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History of the Korean fermented milk industry
Food Sci. Ind. 2021;54:278-292
Published online December 30, 2021
© 2021 Korean Society of Food Science and Technology.

Youngsup Shin1*

1Binggrae Research & Development Center, Binggrae Co. Ltd.
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Received October 1, 2021; Revised October 15, 2021; Accepted October 20, 2021.
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Fermented milk including yogurt, which has a long tradition of thousands of years, was first established in Korea in 1919, and the current market size has grown to over 90 billion dollars. Fermented milk, which began in the early days of liquid yogurt, appeared on the market as spoonable and drinking yogurt. Fermented milk began with research on intestinal health functions and lactobacilli, and gradually developed into various disease prevention studies such as gastrointestinal health, immunity improvement, skin beauty, and prevention of dementia. As a simple meal, it has a nutrient function element, which serves as a meal replacement, and is expanding its range from general foods to specialpurpose foods and dietary supplements. Fierce market competition is taking place, and as a result, the domestic fermented milk market is developing through the development of various products for differentiation.
Keywords : yogurt, fermented milk, history

December 2021, 54 (4)
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