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Food Sci. Ind. 2021;54(4):246-300
Geographical indication and its trade practices in Europe, USA and China
Jae Eun Cheon and Yimei Xin
Food Sci. Ind. 2021;54(4):246-259
Development direction of geographical indication for globalizing kimchi
Sunggi Min, Jungeun Cho, and Hye-Young Seo
Food Sci. Ind. 2021;54(4):260-267
Understanding the commercial significance of geographical indications and the implications for Korean kimchi through the example of Columbian coffee
YoungJoo Song
Food Sci. Ind. 2021;54(4):268-277
History of the Korean fermented milk industry
Youngsup Shin
Food Sci. Ind. 2021;54(4):278-292
Current status of food safety detection methods for Smart-HACCP system
Min-Cheol Lim, Min-Ah Woo, and Sung-Wook Choi
Food Sci. Ind. 2021;54(4):293-300
Food Science and Industry (Food Sci. Ind.; FSI) (ISSN: 0257-2397) which was launched in 1968, is devoted to the advancement and dissemination of scientific knowledge concerning food science, biotechnology, and related academic disciplines. The FSI is published every three month (March, June....
Characterization of palm oil and its utilization in food industry
Suk Hoo Yoon, and Yau Kun Teah
Received July 31, 2017; Accepted August 21, 2017.
Safety evaluation and approval status of genetically modified foods in Korea
Yun-Sook Kang
Received May 9, 2019; Accepted June 4, 2019.
Enzymatic degumming of edible fats and oils
Suk Hoo Yoon
Received April 26, 2018; Accepted May 31, 2018.