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Food Sci. Ind. 2018;51(4):270-342
Soy protein: a high-quality, plant-based protein
Yoon A Kim
Food Sci. Ind. 2018;51(4):270-277
Production and biological applications for marine proteins and peptides- An overview
Se-Kwon Kim, Hee-Guk Byun
Food Sci. Ind. 2018;51(4):278-301
Anti-diabetic peptides derived from milk proteins
Seonyoung Kim, Jee-Young Imm
Food Sci. Ind. 2018;51(4):302-312
Salt reduction in foods using protein hydrolysates
Jung-Kue Shin
Food Sci. Ind. 2018;51(4):313-324
Prior screening of the advertisement for health functional food
Jung-Kwon Kim
Food Sci. Ind. 2018;51(4):325-333
Health beneficial effects of brown algae ecklonia stolonifera in liver
Seungmin Yu, Wooki Kim
Food Sci. Ind. 2018;51(4):334-342
Food Science and Industry (Food Sci. Ind.; FSI) (ISSN: 0257-2397) which was launched in 1968, is devoted to the advancement and dissemination of scientific knowledge concerning food science, biotechnology, and related academic disciplines. The FSI is published every three month (March, June....
Characterization of palm oil and its utilization in food industry
Suk Hoo Yoon, and Yau Kun Teah
Received July 31, 2017; Accepted August 21, 2017.
Enzymatic degumming of edible fats and oils
Suk Hoo Yoon
Received April 26, 2018; Accepted May 31, 2018.
On-trend utilization of rheological instruments in food industry
Im Kyung Oh and Suyong Lee
Received February 20, 2018; Accepted March 20, 2018.