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Food Sci. Ind. 2021;54(3):124-209
The current status of smarter food safety management
Soyoung Gwon
Food Sci. Ind. 2021;54(3):124-131
Application of blockchain in the food industry
Sangoh Kim
Food Sci. Ind. 2021;54(3):132-144
Current scientific technology and future challenges for personalized nutrition service
Kyeong Jin Kim, Yeonkyung Lee, and Ji Yeon Kim
Food Sci. Ind. 2021;54(3):145-159
AI-based system for automatically detecting food risk information from news data
Yujin Baek, Jihyeon Lee, Nam Hee Kim, Hunjoo Lee, and Jaegul Choo
Food Sci. Ind. 2021;54(3):160-170
History of tofu industry
Chang-Soo Kang
Food Sci. Ind. 2021;54(3):171-183
Development of smart HACCP effectiveness analysis model
Han-Cheol Lee, Ju-Yeong Kang, Eun-Ji Park, Min-Ji Park, Do-Gyung Oh, Chan-Yeong Kim, Eun-Sun Jeong, Jai-Moung Kim, Yeong-Soon Ahn, and Jung-Beom Kim
Food Sci. Ind. 2021;54(3):184-195
Importance of food science and technology in sustainable and resilient food systems - a Northeast Asian perspective
Cherl-Ho Lee
Food Sci. Ind. 2021;54(3):196-209
Food Science and Industry (Food Sci. Ind.; FSI) (ISSN: 0257-2397) which was launched in 1968, is devoted to the advancement and dissemination of scientific knowledge concerning food science, biotechnology, and related academic disciplines. The FSI is published every three month (March, June....
Characterization of palm oil and its utilization in food industry
Suk Hoo Yoon, and Yau Kun Teah
Received July 31, 2017; Accepted August 21, 2017.
Safety evaluation and approval status of genetically modified foods in Korea
Yun-Sook Kang
Received May 9, 2019; Accepted June 4, 2019.
Enzymatic degumming of edible fats and oils
Suk Hoo Yoon
Received April 26, 2018; Accepted May 31, 2018.